California Cruizin'

Discovering the Hidden Jewels Throughout America's Golden State

Waiting To Be Discovered

on January 12, 2013

California. America’s Golden State stretching along North America’s Pacific Coast makes most people think of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, Disneyland, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood. Of the many starlets that wait tables and valet park limousines hoping to be discovered as the next Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, only a few lucky ones make it onto the big screen. But in the dream factory’s big shadows the real California lies hidden waiting to be discovered: quaint fishing hamlets and bustling beach cities, historic mining towns and snow capped mountain peaks that tower over breathtaking desert landscapes, lush valleys and a sun kissed shoreline that draws lean bodies with surfboards into the foaming waves year round.
So, let’s roll down the windows, hold our faces into the wind and let’s take off into the sunshine, cruizin’ along California’s most beloved road, Highway One, the scenic Pacific Coast Highway, commonly known as the famous PCH.


2 responses to “Waiting To Be Discovered

  1. Bob Marler says:

    Looking forward to cruizin’ California

  2. Good meeting you today! Lovin’ the blog!

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