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Dance of God

on February 6, 2013

Cruizin’ down Long Beach’s Second Street during lunch hour today, I stopped at the Natraj Indian Restaurant. IMG_6651

My husband and I have been savoring their scrumptious menu many times, so I know the owner Mr. Singh and his bubbly wife, Babbljit, Bubbly, as she likes to be called, I’m not kidding you. And bubbly she is this sweet faced woman from the Northern Indian State of Punjab.
Having lived in Punjab at one point in my life, I feel an affinity with this fascinating land and her people. So, greeting Mr. Singh in his native Punjabi when we first met, naturally we become friends ever since we dined at the Natraj a few years ago. IMG_6648
Mr. Singh, who proudly wears a beautiful turban, today it was sapphire blue, is proud about his Sikh heritage, hence the picture of Guru Nanak, the father of his Sikh faith, I noticed on the wall behind the buffet. He insisted to have his picture taken with me and we did. Copy of IMG_6647  Hailing from Jalandhar, a bustling metropolis in the heart of Punjab, this Indian son arrived in the US in 1992 to work in the restaurant. Since 2004 he is a proud partner and runs the family owned business, making sure that guests get the ultimate Indian dining experience indulging in the many dishes his Northern Indian cuisine menu offers. IMG_6645 From Tandoori specialties and Biryani dishes to lamb, poultry, seafood and vegetable curries, the choice is overwhelming. IMG_6644 And not to forget the scrumptious rice dishes, naans, rotis, parathas, and kulchas, specialty breads arriving at your table fresh from the oven even before you’ve had a chance to finish the last one in your basket.
So, I encourage you to start cruizin’ and explore India’s cuisine right here at your fingertips. Natraj, Mr. Singh tells me means Dance of God, and is open for lunch from 11:00am–2:30 pm and for dinner from 5:00-10:00 pm, 7 days a week. Dishes can be ordered mild, medium, or hot, and the all inclusive buffet during lunch hours is the best way to savor some of the best Indian specialties for a bargain prize. Get in the groove and enjoy the Dance of God.


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